Refrigeradores de tamaño completo

Learn more of our full-size refrigerators

Choose the full size refrigerator that best suits your kitchen.

Monogram® full-size refrigerators and freezers are available in widths ranging from 30" to 72" for built-in installations. Free-standing models have a width of 36". For maximum design impact and storage flexibility, consider two 30" fully integrated refrigerators, which offer a true flush fit with surrounding cabinetry. Or, place a 36" built-in all-refrigerator alongside an all-freezer.

Then, consider how you use your refrigerator or freezer.

If you prefer a full size refrigerator with a dispenser, choose a Monogram side-by-side refrigerator. Or, if you're looking for a sleek single-door design, consider the Monogram all-refrigerator and all-freezer. If your kitchen has a fresh-food focus, a Monogram bottom-freezer, or fully integrated refrigerator is a fitting choice.

Lastly, decide on the statement you wish to make.

Monogram offers an array of full size refrigerator styles to complement the design of your kitchen, as well as your personal preferences. Monogram fully integrated refrigerators also give you the option of a solid- or glass-door exterior.


Heavy-gauge stainless steel extends completely across the doors of the European full size refrigerator, wrapping beautifully around the edges. Long, slim tubular handles – a Monogram signature – enhance the overall look and feel.


The stainless exterior of the professional full size refrigerator conveys both a sense of solidity and beauty with pro-style handles, louvered grille and chamfered, hand-finished edges.


Personalization with cabinet-compatible panels sets the stage for a truly distinctive kitchen. Select full size refrigerators have exterior trim that accepts 1/4" custom framed panels. For a frameless appearance, use 3/4" overlay panels and order a tubular or professional handle from Monogram. Or, add door handles from your local design center.

The perfect fruit parfait or glass of wine starts in your full size refrigerator.

Advanced temperature-management systems maintain consistent cooling throughout full size refrigerator and freezer compartments, helping to keep contents perfectly chilled and ready for cooking or serving.

Drawers full of options for chilling, thawing and preserving.

Monogram fully integrated refrigerators have a convertible lower drawer that can be used to store fresh or frozen foods, wines or beverages. Side-by-side refrigerators feature an exclusive climate-control drawer with express-chill and express-thaw capabilities. Bottom-freezer refrigerators have a freezer drawer that gives you quick access to a ready supply of filtered ice.

bright ideas throughout

Opening the door of a Monogram full size refrigerator sheds brilliant light on the difference these units can make in the home. No more searching and rummaging through interior compartments to find what you need.

clean-tasting water, your way

A GE SmartWater filter on dispenser-equipped full size refrigerators provides you with fresh, clean-tasting water. Enjoy it chilled, or select cubed or crushed ice.

refrigeration that's responsible

Increase the energy efficiency of your home, starting in your kitchen, with a Monogram ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerator. To help the global environment, choose the 30" fully integrated refrigerator, which is not only ENERGY STAR qualified – it's the first refrigerator in the U.S. to replace the standard hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant with a hydrocarbon alternative, R600a.

Loads of interior space, and many ways to make the most of it.

Monogram® side-by-side refrigerators are among the largest built-in full size refrigerators available. Inside every Monogram refrigerator, space is as flexible as it is expansive. Split shelves and adjustable door bins make it easy to store everything from small containers to large platters. Full-extension drawers glide out easily, and feature convenient bins that are easy to use even when full.

Features that stand out only for their performance.

All Monogram full size refrigerators offer advanced features that make a substantial impact in the kitchen, without making themselves visible. The GE water filtration system in side-by-side refrigerators and all-refrigerators is hidden discreetly behind the hinged overhead panel. The halogen light columns and air towers in side-by-side refrigerators are flat to create extra room along the back wall.

adjustable, spillproof glass shelves

Glass storage shelves are adjustable, allowing you to configure the interior of your Monogram full size refrigerator to handle foods and containers of many different sizes. Every shelf has a spillproof design that helps keep the interior clean and neat.

sabbath mode for kosher kitchens

An optional kit converts select Monogram full size refrigerators to Sabbath mode, which allows operation in compliance with kosher kitchen practices.

entertaining possibilities

If your kitchen is frequently used for entertaining, consider installing two bottom-freezer refrigerators alongside one another for an abundance of space and possibility. Another option is to pair an all-refrigerator with an all-freezer, or combine two fully integrated refrigerators. From fresh and frozen foods to wines and sparkling waters, everything you need will be close at hand for your next get-together.