Learn more of our range hoods & downdraft ventilation

Behold, the hand-forged metal of our range hood, made in the Italian tradition of sculpting.

A Monogram® range hood is not a mass-produced appliance. Crafted by Italian artisans, each is a masterpiece of handcrafted artistry fashioned from up to 18 pieces of stainless steel, all made to look like one seamless design. The steel is first welded and hand-forged to create a sculptural shape similar to that of a chandelier. The steel is then regrained so that all lines are going in same direction. Edges are buffed and polished until perfection is achieved.

The Monogram professional range hood. Attractive from every angle.

The professional range hood has a series of bold angles that add dimension and distinction to a wall or cooking island. The professional collection offers three distinctive styles, allowing tremendous design flexibility.

restaurant-style range hood

The crowning achievement of the professional range hood collection, the restaurant-style hood offers the ideal combination of modern sophistication and innovation.

tapered-sided range hood

The Monogram professional tapered-sided range hood incorporates a variety of elegant angles for a dramatic, architectural effect.

straight-sided range hood

The straight-sided range hood fits smoothly between cabinetry and also stands beautifully on its own as an attractive design of clean, simple lines.

Monogram chimney hoods. The height of design sophistication.

Monogram chimney hoods make a thoroughly refined statement with a clean, contoured aesthetic and decorative details that are simple and understated.

High style meets high power in a Monogram range hood.

A Monogram® range hood provides the power necessary to capture the smoke and steam produced by high-performance cooking equipment. All hoods are equipped with a variable-speed fan that helps reduce energy usage and sound levels by operating continuously at a low speed, reaching maximum power only as needed for boiling, sautéing and stir-frying.

Different levels of ventilation to suit different needs.

Each Monogram professional range hood exhausts air at a rate of up to 1090 cubic feet per minute, quietly removing smoke, steam and fumes from your cooking equipment. Whether you choose a professional hood, European-style dual-blower island hood or a single-blower hood, you’ll have a ventilation system with the power to keep pace with your busy kitchen.

As beautiful and functional as a chandelier.

Halogen-lamp systems with up to six levels of intensity illuminate the cooking surface below and can be easily adjusted to suit your needs, much like a chandelier or ceiling fan.

A range hood is the perfect highlight to a Monogram kitchen.

As a complement to Monogram cooking appliances, a Monogram range hood offers a perfect combination of style and power that works with any kitchen design. Wall-mounted hoods pair with cooktops and rangetops, and an array of configurations gives you the option of leaving exhaust ducts concealed or exposed. Island hoods are finished on all sides and install above your island or peninsula cooktop. Installed at the rear of a cooktop, a telescopic downdraft ventilation system moves up as needed when you cook. Simply press the counter-mounted or remote switch, and the venting grill rises to a height of 8-1/2" above the surface. Custom hood inserts install easily inside almost any decorative canopy.

removable filters

During ventilation, baffle-type filters trap airborne grease particles. The filters are removable, washable and dishwasher-safe.

decorative duct covers

Chimney and professional range hoods are available with matching duct covers that can be adjusted to conceal ductwork running from the hood to the ceiling or a soffit. Duct covers can be stacked to reach ceiling height, and optional extensions can be purchased for island hoods.

backsplash and warming shelf

The professional restaurant-style range hood includes a 22" stainless steel backsplash to complete the look. The backsplash is available with or without a shelf, which works with the hood’s warming lamps to provide a staging platform for breads and other meal accompaniments.