Learn more about our undercounter refrigerators.

Our undercounter refrigerators go above and beyond when it comes to design.

Amazingly versatile, Monogram® undercounter refrigerators offer ample room for storage of everything from chocolates to cheeses, yet fit the same opening as a standard dishwasher. Most models give you the option of a stainless steel or custom wood-paneled appearance.

Refreshing convenience for almost any setting.

The convenient 24″ configuration of Monogram undercounter refrigerators makes them open to many possibilities. Use two refrigerators in a dressing room for convenient access to light snacks and beverages. Or, place one module in a bath area for storage of juices, lotions and other after-shower refreshers.

a drawer de rigueur in upscale kitchens

The surprisingly spacious double-drawer undercounter refrigerator is available in a European or professional-style design*, but also accepts custom panels. The built-in configuration allows near-seamless integration with surrounding cabinetry. * Professional stainless steel panel and handle kit, ZKDP240, is available.

flush or free-standing sophistication

Undercounter fresh-food and bar refrigerators stand beautifully on their own, or may be built into cabinetry. Make a statement with the timeless sophistication of smooth stainless steel, or choose a custom door panel and handle to match your cabinetry.

a striking option for outside patios

Designed for flexible installation, the outdoor/indoor undercounter refrigerator is finished on the top and sides in professional-grade stainless steel. Placed outside, it stands up to the most demanding environmental conditions. It also works well in indoor settings, coordinating perfectly with Monogram professional ranges and rangetops.

Refrigerators for those who appreciate a perfect parfait or glass of wine.

All Monogram® undercounter refrigerators have digital touch controls that offer a range of temperatures for precise chilling of a variety of fresh foods and beverages, and an LED display makes settings clearly visible.

When the heat is on outside, foods stay cool inside.

Outdoor/indoor undercounter refrigerators are equipped with an adjustable thermostat that helps keep foods fresh, regardless of conditions outside.

Features that rise to the cooking or social occasion.

Inside the bar refrigerator, an automatic icemaker produces up to eight pounds of ice. The fresh-food refrigerator is equipped with a full-extension LEXAN® crisper that helps preserve fruits and vegetables for as long as possible.

Undercounter refrigerators are minimalist in scale, but abundant in possibilities.

Designed to cater to your every indulgent desire, Monogram® undercounter refrigerators store practically anything and go just about anywhere. They provide the perfect place for the things you love and the perfect fit for the way you live.