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An ice maker that adds style and convenience to any space.

The Monogram® 15″ ice maker makes a sleek, practical addition anywhere food and beverages are enjoyed, whether it’s a kitchen, den, or wet bar. The simple design with hidden controls blends into any décor beautifully and can be built into cabinetry or used freestanding. Choose from an ice maker with black exterior or the smooth stainless steel model, with its tubular handle. Or, you can turn to your local design center for a 3/4" custom door panel. A reversible door swing adds installation flexibility.

50 pounds of restaurant-quality ice in a compact ice maker.

In the kitchen, den or wet bar, the ice maker is a true perfectionist, producing up to 50 pounds of ice every day. Using a fractional distillation process, water moves over a cold plate until it freezes. The remaining water is then discarded, resulting in clear ice cubes, with no fogging or frosting. Ice cubes are a convenient 3/4″ size, small enough to be used in almost any glass.

Intuitively rises to the entertaining occasion.

The Monogram ice maker knows when to make ice, and it knows when to stop, shutting off automatically when the 25-pound-capacity bin is full. There will be plenty of ice, whether you’re having a party, filling a cooler, or refreshing your glass of iced tea on a summer afternoon.

long-lasting clarity

The ice maker will maintain ice clarity and consistency over time with regular cleanings using a nickel-free solution available at appliance repair shops or through GE Appliances Parts and Accessories. Frequency of cleaning depends on the hardness of your local water.

convenient bin with ice scoop

The ice maker’s bin is easily accessible, making it easy to cater to party guests. An automatic interior light puts cubes within clear view when you reach for them.


The ice maker’s compact configuration meets guidelines for ADA compliance. The 34-inch height allows built-in installation under lower counters, and the full-length door is designed for easy front access.